Effective Use of Chatbots to Enhance the Customer Service Experience

Jumia Introduces Nigerias First E-commerce Bot However, if the overall customer service you provide is poor, people are less likely to forgive you for any bad experience that they have with your company. These technologies also represent a huge paradigm shift in mobile commerce and open the new era of conversational commerce. Boost customer retention […]

Open AI Chatbot: Conversations with an Intelligent Language Model

Topics How to humanise a chatbot Developed by Salesforce, this chatbot excels as a CRM tool for handling customer interactions. One potential drawback of the LivePerson chatbot is that it may require technical expertise to fully utilize its features and customization options. This is how customers expect services today, including in the hotel industry. Our […]

AI Image Generator Text To Image API

Generate an image from text using generative AI Contrary to what you might think, there are so many AI art generators other than DALL-E 2 out there. If you want to try something different, check out one of our alternatives listed above or the three additional options below. The best AI art generator for your phone […]

Software Development Manager, NLU Expansion Amazon Boston WIZBII

What is Natural Language Processing: The Definitive Guide Brand experts who converse with customers can also note frequently asked questions and suggest new intents for the AI. Natural language processing (NLP) is an area of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables machines to understand and generate human language. As the demand for NLP applications and services […]

Why Use an Enterprise AI Chatbot Solution for eCommerce: 6 Benefits

To do this, it classifies the written or spoken input based on what the user wants to achieve. If the chatbot can identify the intent accurately from the utterance, it can offer more contextual and personalized conversation experiences. Hence the first step in this complex process is the association of the conversation with an intent. […]